First impressions of Windows 8

Being a Microsoft Partner, you do get access to their latest and greatest software before general public availability.  I’ve had the opportunity to download the Customer Preview of Windows 8 a couple of months ago, but just haven’t had the opportunity to set it up yet.

I’ve decided to finally give it a try and did some research into it and opted to install it in a virtualized environment.  I’ve made use of Oracle VirtualBox to provide the environment.  I’ve decided to setup the environment with 4GB of RAM and 50GB of diskspace – the recommendations from Microsoft is 2GB of RAM and 20GB of diskspace.

The initial setup procedure is very similar to previous Windows installations, the only difference being that it appears to automatically activate the copy – personally I prefer the option to activate it once I’ve completed the setup, added all other Windows Components that I use and applied all the required updates to the installation – in case something goes pear-shaped!

One issue that I have found while doing the installation, is that once it did the initial installation and ran through the sequence of “updating registry”, “getting devices ready” and “getting system ready”, the installation ends up corrupted!  And if it did manage to boot up again, you get to a screen where you have NO idea what is going on.  And do not try and reboot it – you’ll end up screaming and shouting with a corrupt installation.  What I have found previously is to keep it running for an extended period of time (thank you virtualized environment) and then reboot it – I did this once after a 12 hour period and it seems to have worked fine.

So, this morning I finally managed to get to the above screen again and will be leaving it for a while before I do the inevitable – keep an eye out for my next posting.  And just to share the screen, I’ve added it below.