Having a blast with Windows 8…

Since Dell decided to release their drivers for Windows 8 for my Dell XPS L502X as per my previous post, I figured that it would be a good thing to install these and resolve the final “Unknown device” in my Device Manager. Everything *should* be fine, right? RIGHT!

So, firstly half of the installers doesn’t want to launch and then complains, but maybe it was just me being a silly billy and installing them in the wrong order – no worries! It was always my intention to rebuild it in any case when the drivers became available – so after a lot of clicking and installing and rebooting, all my devices were perfectly happy. Great… This time around I put a little sticky note in my head that maybe it would be a good idea to capture the list of devices inside of a Visual N++ (Notepad for the non-programmers out there) file – just to be sure; rather safe than sorry, right? Damn straight!

So… after a reboot and installation of the Operating System, the silly willy Dell Wireless device is giving me the finger; yes, installing the broadband driver from Windows 7 does fix it, but then they want me to use the broadband manager that shipped with Dell – hey, I’m in the new Windows 8 UI (whatever the okes feel like calling it this week) and would want to use one of the apps from there… like the one directly shipped by Vodafone, considering that I am using a Vodafone SIM card… Lets just say it ended up with me uttering a few words and deciding to show it the finger on Saturday night and rather spending a relaxing Sunday out in the winelands.

And here I am, back on Sunday night retracing my steps on the installation – this time around, I did become a bit more sneaky; pulled out all network connectivity first and install from the Windows 8 media only. The initial installation ran very smoothly and then the network cable was plugged in and the 1st 500MB of updates installed without a breeze. Now onwards and seeing how everything pans out – one thing that I am just very happy about is that I have an uncapped broadband connection; else I would’ve climbed out the walls already!


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