Installing OpenSSL on Debian 7.5

The development server caters for certain functions where we may require secure communication between our server and workstations. These include

  • the hosting of database administration software, e.g. phpMyAdmin;
  • the hosting of version control software, e.g. Subversion; and
  • the hosting of project management software, including time and issue tracking, e.g. Redmine.

To enable the secure communication between our server and workstations, we make use of certificates. These can either be self-signed or issued by a Certificate Authority, with the latter being more trustworthy. In the case of a Certificate Authority, we have the option to use an existing Authority, which could have financial implications, or setup our own internal Authority. To self-sign a certificate or setup a Certificate Authority, we use OpenSSL. To install OpenSSL, we execute the following command in a “root” shell.

apt-get install openssl ssl-cert

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