The way service should be, part 2

As posted on Friday, my Dell XPS laptop’s hard drive decided to let out its last fart on Friday morning. After a quick support call to Dell I was very pleased. So this weekend came and I ended up sick in bed with flu (*yah for me*) and I moved out a meeting that was suppose to happen today – and I promptly received a call from the technician this morning at 9am – he will be here at 12 to fix the laptop; and right on the tick he arrives, swap out the drive, run the diagnostics and within 5 minutes are out of the door again. Wow, I am seriously impressed.

When the time comes to replace my workstations, I will definitely think long and very hard on whether I’ll do a custom build again or go for a Dell workstation – this service is absolutely fantastic. Now I’m just holding thumbs that Microsoft will release Windows 8.1 to their partners as well when they release it to the OEM distributors in the next week. It will just make so much more sense to install Windows 8.1 from the word “go” than to run Windows 8 and in 2 months time do the upgrade.

And while I was writing this, I received a call from the Dell call center just to confirm that everything is working perfectly. I’m solidly impressed!


The way service should be…

So finally after receiving some pointers from the people at Chaos Computers on accessing the Diagnostics Tools for troubleshooting and call logging with Dell, I made the phone call to them this morning to have my hard drive replaced in my Dell XPS. And what a pleasure! So on Monday the technician will be replacing my hard drive with a new one thanks to the Next Business Day support contract.

Dell, I salute you! You’ve just ensured that I will in future only purchase your hardware!

Windows 8 – that’s the way ah-ha-ah-ha I like it…

So, after the ranting in my previous post, I got Windows 8 to work the way I like it… yeah baby, yeah! The installation went like a dream, installed the necessary drivers up to the point where I need to fix the Dell Broadband card and thanks to Ren Baskura’s post, I got the broadband card installed in no time whatsoever. And once that was done, the Vodafone software installed seamlessly and it just connected out and made me a happy chappy!

Having a blast with Windows 8…

Since Dell decided to release their drivers for Windows 8 for my Dell XPS L502X as per my previous post, I figured that it would be a good thing to install these and resolve the final “Unknown device” in my Device Manager. Everything *should* be fine, right? RIGHT!

So, firstly half of the installers doesn’t want to launch and then complains, but maybe it was just me being a silly billy and installing them in the wrong order – no worries! It was always my intention to rebuild it in any case when the drivers became available – so after a lot of clicking and installing and rebooting, all my devices were perfectly happy. Great… This time around I put a little sticky note in my head that maybe it would be a good idea to capture the list of devices inside of a Visual N++ (Notepad for the non-programmers out there) file – just to be sure; rather safe than sorry, right? Damn straight!

So… after a reboot and installation of the Operating System, the silly willy Dell Wireless device is giving me the finger; yes, installing the broadband driver from Windows 7 does fix it, but then they want me to use the broadband manager that shipped with Dell – hey, I’m in the new Windows 8 UI (whatever the okes feel like calling it this week) and would want to use one of the apps from there… like the one directly shipped by Vodafone, considering that I am using a Vodafone SIM card… Lets just say it ended up with me uttering a few words and deciding to show it the finger on Saturday night and rather spending a relaxing Sunday out in the winelands.

And here I am, back on Sunday night retracing my steps on the installation – this time around, I did become a bit more sneaky; pulled out all network connectivity first and install from the Windows 8 media only. The initial installation ran very smoothly and then the network cable was plugged in and the 1st 500MB of updates installed without a breeze. Now onwards and seeing how everything pans out – one thing that I am just very happy about is that I have an uncapped broadband connection; else I would’ve climbed out the walls already!

Windows 8 Dell Drivers

So, I’ve logged a call with Dell Support during the week and was expecting a response back from them regarding the driver downloads that was unavailable. Pity that I never got a reply back from them, but I figured to try the links out tonight and they made my drivers available. Such a wonderful surprise – and a download queue of almost 600MB, but what the heck – its worth every single bit!

Now that I have the drivers, I can finally see what I’ve been missing on my laptop!

The lesson I’ve learned from all this? I am definitely downloading the drivers for the desktops before trying to run the installation on the desktops!

Dell and their Windows 8 drivers…

After the driver installation issues with Windows 8, I opted to try and take a look at the Dell Support Centre – and lo and behold, they have published the updated Windows 8 drivers for my laptop on the 26th of October.

Unfortunately the files are unavailable on their servers!  I really hope they get their act together very soon!