The way service should be, part 2

As posted on Friday, my Dell XPS laptop’s hard drive decided to let out its last fart on Friday morning. After a quick support call to Dell I was very pleased. So this weekend came and I ended up sick in bed with flu (*yah for me*) and I moved out a meeting that was suppose to happen today – and I promptly received a call from the technician this morning at 9am – he will be here at 12 to fix the laptop; and right on the tick he arrives, swap out the drive, run the diagnostics and within 5 minutes are out of the door again. Wow, I am seriously impressed.

When the time comes to replace my workstations, I will definitely think long and very hard on whether I’ll do a custom build again or go for a Dell workstation – this service is absolutely fantastic. Now I’m just holding thumbs that Microsoft will release Windows 8.1 to their partners as well when they release it to the OEM distributors in the next week. It will just make so much more sense to install Windows 8.1 from the word “go” than to run Windows 8 and in 2 months time do the upgrade.

And while I was writing this, I received a call from the Dell call center just to confirm that everything is working perfectly. I’m solidly impressed!


The way service should be…

So finally after receiving some pointers from the people at Chaos Computers on accessing the Diagnostics Tools for troubleshooting and call logging with Dell, I made the phone call to them this morning to have my hard drive replaced in my Dell XPS. And what a pleasure! So on Monday the technician will be replacing my hard drive with a new one thanks to the Next Business Day support contract.

Dell, I salute you! You’ve just ensured that I will in future only purchase your hardware!